Lady Netizen Reiterates ‘Hindi dahil may trabaho, may malaking savings na!’

Lady Netizen Elicits Reactions Online for Saying ‘Hindi dahil may trabaho, may malaking savings na!’

A lady netizen elicits comments from the online community after reiterating ‘Hindi dahil may trabaho, may malaking savings na!’.

Recently, Camela Diana Amil Alulod-Ignas, a Facebook blogger and digital content creator shared the misconception about those who work and earn a living. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Ignas emphasized that having a job doesn’t automatically mean having substantial savings or living a luxurious life. She reiterated that It’s a common misconception that if someone has a job, they must be living the good life with plenty of money, big savings, and all sorts of expensive gadgets and luxuries.

Lady Netizen

The lady netizen emphasized that not everyone with a job has huge savings due to varying responsibilities and expenses. The woman explained that no matter how big your salary is, it often goes toward bills and necessities.

Amil pointed out some important things to consider such as, maybe the person’s salary is just enough to support their family. They might be paying off loans, so they can’t save much.

She explained that the person has been saving their salary for months or years to buy them. They might only treat themselves to nice meals once in a while because they’re saving money the rest of the time.

Lady Netizen

Camela reminds us to be kind and understanding, especially when asking for help from someone with a job. They might not be able to help right away because they’re also dealing with their own challenges.

Everyone has their own struggles, whether they have a job or not. Some people with jobs might not even have time for a social life because they’re so focused on work.

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