Checkpoint in Batasan-San Mateo Road Causes Traffic Congestion

Batasan-San Mateo Road

Batasan-San Mateo Road Checkpoint Causes Massive Traffic Congestion Among Motorists The checkpoint along Batasan-San Mateo Road has caused a massive traffic congestions due to heightened restrictions. On Monday (August 2, 2021), the police authorities launched a checkpoint at along Batasan-San Mateo Road, which caused a massive traffic congestion especially to the employees who were not … Read more

Is NCR Plus Ready For MGCQ? – Researchers Say No

Researchers Say NCR Plus Not Ready For MGCQ Implementation NCR PLUS – According to OCTA Research Group, NCR Plus is not yet ready to be placed under a less-strict “MGCQ”. Currently, provinces under the NCR Plus bubble are under a general community quarantine. Furthermore, the quarantine status would end in June 15. However, the GCQ … Read more

KC Montero Calls Out, Lambast Celebrities Travelling Outside of NCR

KC Montero Air Dismay, Lambast to Celebrities Travelling Outside NCR Actor KC Montero air disappointment and lambast some celebrities who were travelling outside National Capital Region (NCR) despite prohibition. Radio DJ KC Montero recently expressed his displeasure with celebrities traveling outside of the National Capital Region on social media (NCR). The host expressed his displeasure … Read more

Duterte Gives Decision on COVID-19 Vaccine Brand for Seafarers

Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte

Pres. Duterte Responds To Call Over COVID-19 Brand for Seafarers DUTERTE – Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte gave his decision on the COVID-19 brand to be administered on the Filipino seafarers. The COVID-19 vaccination is currently ongoing in the Philippines as the national government pushes through to achieve the population protection. The healthcare workers were … Read more

120K COVID-19 Vaccinations Daily – NCR Plus Officials Sets Target

NCR Plus Officials Target 120K COVID-19 Vaccinations Daily 120K COVID-19 VACCINATIONS DAILY – Herd Immunity is the most sought after target for most countries when it comes to vaccinations. In the Philippines, among the most affected areas are the provinces under the NCR Plus Bubble. This Includes Manila and four of its adjacent neighboring provinces. … Read more

Malacañang Says PH Handles COVID-19 Pandemic Better than Other Nations

Malacañang Spokesman Harry Roque

Malacañang Speaks on COVID-19 Pandemic Malacañang claimed that the Philippines is doing better compared other nations in the Americas and Europe in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2020, the COVID-19 is still the biggest challenge that many countries and territories across the globe are facing now. … Read more

When Can Quarantines End In NCR Plus? – Researchers Give Possibility

OCTA Research On When Can Quarantines End In NCR Plus QUARANTINES IN NCR PLUS – The OCTA research group gave their predictions on when the quarantines can end within the NCR Plus bubble. Currently, Metro Manila and four nearby provinces are under the NCR Plus bubble. Furthermore, these areas are also under a modified general … Read more

Some Metro Manila Mayors Reveal Side on Quarantine Measure in NCR

Metro Manila

Stand of Some Metro Manila Mayors on NCR Quarantine Measure METRO MANILA – Some of the mayors in the National Capital Region spoke their side on the community quarantine measure in NCR. It has been a year now since the first community quarantine measures in the Philippines was implemented. Currently, restrictions are still as the … Read more