When Can Quarantines End In NCR Plus? – Researchers Give Possibility

OCTA Research On When Can Quarantines End In NCR Plus

QUARANTINES IN NCR PLUS – The OCTA research group gave their predictions on when the quarantines can end within the NCR Plus bubble.

Currently, Metro Manila and four nearby provinces are under the NCR Plus bubble. Furthermore, these areas are also under a modified general community quarantine. This came after a surge in COVID-19 cases in the recent months.

But, when can we actually see another easing of quarantine levels?

When Can Quarantines End In NCR Plus? – Researchers Give Possibility
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According to OCTA, quarantines may be eased when the average daily COVID-19 cases within Metro Manila drops to 2,000 daily infections. During an interview with ABS-CBN, Professor Guido David of OCTA said:

We’re hoping the cases will be reduced to less than 2,000. If the number of daily average cases in NCR goes below 2,000 it will still a significant number but I believe we can still manage it even under GCQ

Moreover, with the decline of cases in Metro Manila, OCTA forecast that the daily number of infections in Metro Manila could decline to 2,800 in 14 days. “We’re optimistic though we haven’t seen the guidelines…maybe the decrease will be slower, we’re hoping the downward trend will continue.”, OCTA added.

Meanwhile, OCTA urges the government to further promote vaccinations against COVID-19. They emphasize that the public must be educated about vaccines instead of making them mandatory.

“We’ve been talking to a lot of our patients and many of them do not really understand. What is being magnified are complications and even anecdotal claims of death associated to vaccination, which is not true”

Currently, the Philippines is rolling out its vaccination program. However, many Filipinos are still against vaccinations.

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