Prankster Tukomi Charged by PNP Following K1dnap Prank

PNP Files Case Against Prankster Vloggers Tukomi Following Viral K1dnap Prank Content creator prankster Tukomi was charged by the Philippine National Police (PNP) following the controversial “K1dnap Prank”. The cops sampled a controversial prankster group after they went viral for their kidnapping on public prank. Tukomi became famous after a police officer jumped into the … Read more

Netizens Urge PNP to Jail “Tukomi” for Their Risky Pranks

Netizens Want “Tukomi” be Arrested by PNP Due to their Risky Pranks Concerned netizens urged Philippine National Police (PNP) to jail content creator “Tukomi” due to their risky pranks. Tukomi, a prankster content maker, has recently been criticized on social media as a result of their near-death experience due to their publicity stunt. It should … Read more

Cop on Tukomi “Kidnap Prank” Speak out: “Hindi maganda, wag niyong tangkilikin”

Cop who Takes Action Against the “Kidnap Prank” of Tukomi Gives Statement The cop who takes action against the “kidnap prank” of content creator Tukomi gives a statement regarding the risky prank. Recently, the prankster content creator “Tukomi” has become divisive on social media due to their near-death experience as a result of their publicity … Read more

Tukomi Kidnapping Prank Gone Wrong: “Muntik barilin ng pulis”

Content Creators Tukomi Goes Viral after Kidnapping Prank Gone Wrong TUKOMI PRANK – The content creator brothers went viral again on social media after their kidnapping prank gone wrong. Tukomi, a YouTube content maker, is well-known for its pranks and has posted multiple prank videos under their “Comment Trolling” series. Following the successful execution of … Read more