Netizens Urge PNP to Jail “Tukomi” for Their Risky Pranks

Netizens Want “Tukomi” be Arrested by PNP Due to their Risky Pranks

Concerned netizens urged Philippine National Police (PNP) to jail content creator “Tukomi” due to their risky pranks.

Tukomi, a prankster content maker, has recently been criticized on social media as a result of their near-death experience due to their publicity stunt. It should be remembered that their lives were almost jeopardized during their “kidnap prank” involving a police officer.

According to the video, a police officer identified as PSSg Ronnie Conmigo attempted to stop the group from carrying out their prank because he believed someone was being kidnaped forcibly. The cop pulled a gun on them, thinking they were true kidnappers.

Tukomi Pranks PNP

Fortunately, Conmigo paused several times before unleashing his service weapon against the group. While Tukomi swiftly assured him that they were merely playing pranks, Conmigo stated that what the content creators did was a poor joke that other vloggers should not imitate.

Conmigo went on to say that Tukomi was fortunate in that the officer they faced was an experienced one rather than a fresh one who might make wrong decisions. Despite the criticism surrounding the occurrence, Tukomi chose to post the footage in order to profit from it.

Based on the Facebook post, some internet users begged Conmigo to charge Tukomi so that they could learn their lesson. It’s unclear whether Conmigo intended to bring charges against the Tukomi brothers.

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