Tukomi Kidnapping Prank Gone Wrong: “Muntik barilin ng pulis”

Content Creators Tukomi Goes Viral after Kidnapping Prank Gone Wrong

TUKOMI PRANK – The content creator brothers went viral again on social media after their kidnapping prank gone wrong.

Tukomi, a YouTube content maker, is well-known for its pranks and has posted multiple prank videos under their “Comment Trolling” series. Following the successful execution of their humorous pranks, they received acclaim from their followers.

However, some of their pranks have caused injury and have been chastised by the online community. Last year, in 2022, their YouTube video named “Mag hagis ng itim na bag ng naka pang Muslim | Comment Trolling” elicited a variety of negative responses on social media.

The content received criticism for clearly distasteful and rude content. In this film, our Muslim brothers and sisters are portrayed as perpetrators of such crimes. What they did also contributed to Islamophobia.

Tukomi Kidnapping Prank

Meanwhile, another prank has gone widespread on social media in 2023. The Tukomi brothers began a “kidnap prank” in which one of their pals will serve as the victim being abducted in their most recent YouTube upload.

The Tukomi brothers will be the kidnapper who will unexpectedly seize the victim and place him in the automobile. However, at their most recent performance, a concerned person identified himself as a police flagged them. The courageous cop even pulled a gun on them.

The prankster brothers instantly clarified to the armed man that it was all in good fun. One of them even approached the alleged police to apologize, but he was avoided due to safety considerations. The armed cop was eventually convinced that it was all a prank.

Nonetheless, this occurrence serves as a warning that when it comes to pranks or other similar content, we should be cautious of what we do and how it may affect others. It serves as a strong warning to content makers to be more responsible with their work. It may appear to be enjoyable for them, but it is already causing harm to others.

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