Tukomi Makes Fun of Case Filed Against Them: “Nasa TV daw kami”

Tukomi Makes Fun of Case Filed by PNP Against Them Over “Kidnap” Prank

The content creator Tukomi seems to be unfazed to the case filed by the Philippine National Police (PNP) against them due to a “kidnap” prank.

It’s worth noting that the prankster group went viral on social media after being charged by a cop for their stunt. On April 7, the aforementioned gang sparked outrage when they released a hoax involving an officer named Police Staff Sergeant Ronnie Conmigo, who is based in Las Pinas City.

The group can be seen in the video attempting to violently take one of its members out in public. Officer Conmigo, who was off-duty at the time, halted the group immediately because he thought the situation was dire.

Tukomi Case

Following the incident, the Las Pinas City Philippine National Police filed charges against the group, stating that pranks like Tukomi’s should cease immediately. This week, the story broke in the mainstream media, and their case was covered by several television stations.

Tukomi, on the other hand, mocked the claims brought against them rather than apologizing. The group even requested their followers to forward the link to the reports against them in a now-deleted post.

 “Nasa TV daw kami, send link naman. Disney channel ba yan?” the group wrote.

Tukomi Case

Netizens were critical of Tukomi’s handling of the matter, pushing the group to apologize rather than be proud. The internet community chastised the prankster gang, noting that “mayabang now, hingi sorry pag nakulong later.”

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