Prankster Tukomi Charged by PNP Following K1dnap Prank

PNP Files Case Against Prankster Vloggers Tukomi Following Viral K1dnap Prank

Content creator prankster Tukomi was charged by the Philippine National Police (PNP) following the controversial “K1dnap Prank”.

The cops sampled a controversial prankster group after they went viral for their kidnapping on public prank. Tukomi became famous after a police officer jumped into the scene during their prank.

They had no idea that another police officer, PSSG, was at the area where they played the prank. Ronnie Conmigo, an investigator in the Philippine National Police’s Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group. They were threatened with a gun after acting out the abduction of a man in a Las Pias neighborhood.

PNP Charged Tukomi

Conmigo eventually filed a complaint with the Las Pias Police Department against Tukomi for the public nuisance. According to Conmigo, he intends to launch a lawsuit against them in order to put a stop to such pranks and to warn other content creators.

“Para hindi na po maulit ‘yung ginagawa nila sir kasi maraming gumagaya. Saka napakadelikado sir, maraming madadamay po eh kasi andaming tao sa lugar,” said Conmigo, based on the article of Abante.

PCOL, the chief of the PNP Public Information Office. Red Maranan, those who commit such a prank may face a six-year prison sentence for violating Article 53 of the Revised Penal Code, or the ‘tumults and other disturbance of public orders’. Under the anti-cybercrime law, the penalty can be doubled to 12 years in prison if it is posted on social media.

“Huwag po nating gawing biro sa mga vlogs and pranks ang about sa paggawa ng krimen dahil ‘yan po ay may kaukulang parusa,” Maranan reminded.

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