Cop on Tukomi “Kidnap Prank” Speak out: “Hindi maganda, wag niyong tangkilikin”

Cop who Takes Action Against the “Kidnap Prank” of Tukomi Gives Statement

The cop who takes action against the “kidnap prank” of content creator Tukomi gives a statement regarding the risky prank.

Recently, the prankster content creator “Tukomi” has become divisive on social media due to their near-death experience as a result of their publicity stunt. It should be noted that they almost placed their lives in danger during their “kidnap prank” involving a police officer.

According to the footage, the police officer grabbed a revolver on them, believing they were genuine kidnappers. The officer’s rapid actions also went viral on social media. Following the incident, the courageous officer speaks out and issues a statement.

Tukomi Kidnap Prank Cop

Police Staff Sergeant Ronnie Conmigo detailed what transpired during the viral incident that some netizens feel could destroy Tukomi’s career in an interview with Coach Dennis Zuniega. He claimed that because he lived in the same area where the prank occurred, he responded swiftly during the prank.

While he was speaking with the proprietor of the hardware store, he noticed a strange black automobile driving slowly. He stated that he was notified when three males exited the car wearing bonnets and proceeded straight to their putative victim.

“Tinignan ko, sabi ko ‘ano to’ tumakbo sila sa unahan ng tindahan sa tabi ng hardware tapos may kinuha sila doon na tao. Nung pagkakuha nila don, dinala nila doon [sa sasakyan] ngayon po nung dinala na nila doon sa may kotse, nagdesisyon na ako,” he shared.

“Sabi ko hindi ano to eh, kumbaga pulis ako eh, nakita ko ‘yung sitwasyon na ganon, naka-bonnet. Dun na po ako nag-react, nung sumakay na sila sa loob ng sasakyan, nagpakilala na ako na pulis.” he narrated.

Tukomi had informed him that they were just playing jokes, but he didn’t trust them. He also stated why he attempted to remove himself from one of Tukomi’s members, stating that he didn’t want to be outwitted during the event.

“Akala ko mapapalaban pa ko, kunti nalang itatagal ko sa serbisyo, dalawa lang ang pwedeng mangyari eh,” Conmigo said during the interview.

Officer Conmigo believed that Tukomi’s prank should be stopped. The cop also denied being a part of the prank, stating that he doesn’t even know them.

Conmigo believed that if other police officers watched Tukomi’s prank, they would do the same. He also advised novice police officers to use caution when making decisions. The officer then warned the content providers to be cautious of their actions.

“Tignan niyo ang scenario, tignan niyo mabuti kung maikakapahamak niyo ba o mapapahamak kayo, ‘yung ginawa ko dinepensahan ko lang ‘yung sarili ko, nag-isip akong mabuti doon na hindi ako makadisgrasya.” he said.

“Gumawa kayo ng magandang content na talagang maski may sakit ay mapapa-smile niyo, pero kung gagawa kayo ng vlog na kagaya niyan, pangit para sakin na gumawa kayo ng ganyan para kumita lang. Wag niyong gagawin yan. Wag niyong tangkilin yan,” he added.

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