Elderly Vendor Sells ‘Ube Cheese Turon’ Despite Old Age

Elderly Vendor

Inspiring Photos of Elderly Vendor Selling ‘Ube Cheese Turon’ Despite Old Age Touched Netizens The photos of an elderly vendor selling ‘Ube Cheese Turon’ despite her old age and amid the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus disease has already affected millions of people as it spreads in different countries all around the world. The virus does … Read more

Generous Jeepney Driver Gives Free Sayote to Passengers

Generous Jeepney Driver

Generous Jeepney Driver Gives Free Sayote to Passengers The generous jeepney driver goes viral and earns praises from the netizens after giving free ‘Sayote’ to his valued passengers. The Philippines is currently facing a severe health crisis due to the effects of coronavirus disease. The pandemic does not only affect the public’s health but also … Read more

Jason Francisco Collects “Kalakal” from Neighbors Amid Health Crisis

Jason Francisco

Filipino Actor Jason Francisco Tries Collecting “Kalakal” from Neighbors The Filipino actor Jason Francisco tries collecting junks or “Kalakal” around his neighbors amid the health crisis in the country. Jason Veron Francisco is a Filipino actor and comedian who has been featured in numerous Philippine movies, television shows and commercials. He rose to fame after … Read more

Xian Gaza Exposes Truth Behind Face Shield Scam (Video)

Xian Gaza

Video of Xian Gaza Exposing Truth Behind Face Shield Scam Elicits Comments Online The popular Pinoy personality Xian Gaza has finally exposed the truth behind the viral face shield scam amid the health crisis. Christian Albert “Xian” Soriano Gaza has been hailed as a national scammer for scamming a lot of people just to earn a … Read more

Elderly Balut Vendor Goes Viral For Working Despite Old Age

Elderly Balut Vendor

Heartbreaking Photos of Elderly Balut Vendor Working Despite Old Age Amid Pandemic Goes Viral The heartbreaking photo of an elderly balut vendor who is working hard despite his old age goes viral after it was posted on social media. Nowadays, the senior citizens are advised to stay at the respective houses to avoid the possible … Read more

Father Goes Begging for Help on the Street Using Poster to Feed Family

Father Goes Begging for Help on the Street to Feed Family Touched Netizens’ Heart A poor father who goes begging on the street using a big poster to feed family amid health crisis went viral and touched netizens’ heart. Community quarantines or lockdowns due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) have significantly affected ordinary people who rely … Read more