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Opinion. Articles about the opinion of a writer on an issue or topic in politics, entertainment, and other fields belong under this category.

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Year of the Pig: 2019 Chinese Zodiac Signs Predictions

Ghost Ship

KMJS Team Resolved ‘Ghost Ship’ Mystery in Siquijor

Pinoy Kid

Late George H.W Bush Sponsored Pinoy Kid Secretly For 10 Years

Horoscope 2019

Here Is The Horoscope 2019 That You Should Know

Christmas Season

List of Must-See Places In PH During This Christmas Season

Vice Ganda

Basketball Fans Blame Vice Ganda Over Calvin Abueva’s Poor Play In Semis

Giant Sea Creatures

Giant Sea Creatures Caught In Palawan, Is This A Sign Of Another Calamity?

Alleged “Aswang’s” Neighborhood

Alleged “Aswang’s” Neighborhood Shares Its Terrifying Experience

Creepiest Supernatural Creatures

List Of Creepiest Supernatural Creatures (Engkanto) In The Philippines