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First Car

Think Wisely Before Purchasing Your First Car To Avoid Committing This Common Mistakes Of New Car Buyers Purchasing a car requires a wise decision and should not be decided quickly, here are the common mistakes most people do before purchasing their first car. Owning a car is quite important because it can give you more [...]


Combination of These Foods Might Cause Serious Diseases Eating fruits and vegetables is truly healthy for the body, but in some instances mixing these following foods and fruits might cause serious diseases. Vegetables and fruits were naturally healthy and contain numerous health benefits to the body. They contain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that can help [...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold said he would have given this year’s election a very good race if only his candidacy was not hampered. Austrian-American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger shocked his fans after disclosing that he could have been one of the candidates in the presidential race in the United States of America on November 2016. Arnold said that he [...]

A new discovered artifact – 1500-year-old book rumored as “Bible” made a controversial disagreement to Christians. The book indicates that Jesus Christ wasn’t crucified. The book was found in turkey, in the Ethnography Museum of Ankara. The book was discovered and kept in secret in the year 2000. It contains the gospel of Barnabas (Christ’s disciple). The [...]

Qualifications of Marcos to be given a hero’s Burial is standing on the face of the country, in the front of his many critics. Why remember the Martial Law and forget what he has done for the good of the country? Isn’t he really qualified? Critics says that Marcos is no hero for the mother [...]

The Ipo dam and watershed and its surrounding habitat is now threatened because of the illegal settlers and the result of illegal logging, charcoal making and intentional burning. The water in the dam is no longer clean. The reason why there is no water in spite of the rains. The water district cannot supply enough [...]

Pikachu outbreak all over Japan. Pikachu Parade, merchandises, Pikachu poster and signage. Japan is invaded by this famous fictional character of the phenomenal game and anime series – Pokémon. Malls, streets and even fast-food chains was filled by this yellow colored monster. Parade of countless Pikachu mascots in street roads attracted the people. The video [...]

It will “white wash” all the lawless actions that Marcos has committed and it will bring a wrong message to the world. Manila, Philippines – The Malacanang ordered the military on Sunday to “undertake the necessary planning and preparations” for the ceremony of the interment of the former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng [...]

Pope Francis Speaks of Ideological Colonizing Vatican City – It’s “Terrible,” the Roman Catholic Pope, Pope Francis, lamented about his concern regarding the gender status. He complained that children are being taught at schools that gender can be a choice. He cited that today the schools are teaching children, to children, that everybody can choose the [...]

The Manila Livewire have listed 10 possible places that can serve as the safe place to go when the unexpected event will happen. No one would ever wish that this incident  would happen and occur but preparing ourselves for the possibility of the situation will help us avoid the things and circumstances we don’t want to [...]