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Bill Gates

Bill Gates Thinks  That Upcoming Disease Expected To Kill 30 Million People Within 6 Months The American business magnate Bill Gates thinks that the next disease could kill about 30 million people within six months. During a discussion about epidemics, Bill Gates said that a new deadly disease could possibly exist within the next decade that [...]

Green Algae

Scientist: Boracay Residents Can Use Green Algae As Source Of Livelihood A Filipina scientist said that the Boracay residents can use green algae collected from the shoreline as a source of livelihood. Maria Rovilla Luhan a marine biologist from the Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) promotes the cash in the trash in line with [...]

Archaeologist Found Remains Of Early Humans In PH Over 700,000 Years Ago An archaeologist found the remains of early humans in the Philippines over 700,000 years ago, which raises a number of questions. On Wednesday (May 03, 2018), researchers wonders were the early humans roaming east Asia more than 700,000 years ago clever enough to [...]

Noah’s Ark Blueprints

Noah’s Ark Blueprints Around 4,000-Year-Old Expose Real Image Of The Ark Noah’s ark blueprints believed to be around 4,000 years old reveals real image including shape and the materials used in constructing the ark. A tablet made of clay, which was allegedly the blueprint of the historical Noah’s ark has been found revealing further details [...]

Metro Manila

10 Amazing Random Facts About Metro Manila That You Might Not Know Here are some amazing random facts about the country’s capital Metro Manila that you might now know and could probably surprise you. Metro Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, which is also the center of country’s economy and other businesses. There [...]

Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy Theorists Claims April 23 Will Be The World’s End The conspiracy theorists are claiming that April 23, 2018, will be the end of the world due to the ‘death planet’ that would destroy Earth. Over the past few decades, the end of the world had been one of the most controversial topics drawing different [...]

Miraculous Churches

Most Visited & Allegedly Miraculous Churches In The Philippines Here are the most visited and allegedly miraculous churches in the Philippines as the world’s largest Christian population. The Philippines has been known as democratic country wherein Filipino people have their freedom to choose their own religion and considered as the world’s largest Christian populated country [...]

Divorce Law

Are you in favor of passing the bill that will allow Divorce Law to be legalized in the Philippines? DIVORCE LAW – The Catholic Church-run Radio Veritas conducted a survey on the views of the Filipinos regarding the Divorce Law. One of the topics in which the Filipino people have different views about is the [...]


8 Signs & Warnings That Can Help You To Identify A Psychopath Here are 8 signs, symptoms, and warnings that can help you to identify that you’re with a psychopath or you are a psychopath. Psychopathy or also called as sociopathy is a personality disorder characterized by having an antisocial behavior, egotistical traits, impaired empathy, [...]

First Car

Think Wisely Before Purchasing Your First Car To Avoid Committing This Common Mistakes Of New Car Buyers Purchasing a car requires a wise decision and should not be decided quickly, here are the common mistakes most people do before purchasing their first car. Owning a car is quite important because it can give you more [...]