IT Professor’s Brilliant Explanation of Duterte Supporters & Dutertards

An IT professor from Iloilo City and a self-confessed Miriam Santiago supporter posted on his Facebook account a very logical and brilliant explanations of the difference between a real Duterte supporters and those who were considered as Dutertards. Some supporters of Mayor Duterte goes beyond just promoting their chosen candidates, so this explanation of a … Read more

ABS-CBN Misquotes Mayor Duterte Engrages Netizens

The highly anticipated third and last presidential debates featuring presidential candidates Mayor Duterte, VP Binay, Sen. Miriam, Sen. Grace Poe and former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas became the hottest topics online on Sunday but one of the most interesting part of the debate when the host TV network misquoted Mayor Duterte’s statement. The Viral Twitter … Read more

Netizen Explains How Will Mayor Duterte Stop Crimes in 3-6 Months Once Elected President

A netizen believed that the vision of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of stopping crimes in 3-6 months, is indeed possible with the help of thousands if not millions of his supporters who are longing for change in the administration and leadership. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s critics particularly presidential candidate Mar Roxas countered Duterte’s vision and noted that … Read more