Another Feng Shui Expert Claims More Water Disasters This 2022

Another Feng Shui Expert Makes Predictions This 2022  “We may face a lot of water disasters like typhoons, floods, and La Niña”

FENG SHUI CONSULTANT – Another Feng Shui expert Johnson Chua is claiming that there will be more water disasters this 2022.

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment, which could allegedly bring luck and wealth to a person.

Many Filipino have been believing in various different superstitious beliefs  and Feng Shui advices over the previous decades. They are hoping to obtain luck and avoid negative vibes through following those rituals.

Feng Shui Expert

Feng shui consultant Johnson Chua claimed that the Year of the Tiger or ‘Triple Tiger’ contains more “aggressive energy”. It means more productivity, which will allegedly lead us to bigger success.

Tiger is known as a wild and aggressive animals, which can cause fear and terror to their foes. Experts believe that individuals who were born during the year of the tiger can inherit some of its traits.

Johnson Chua said that people should expect a higher level of competition and power struggle this year. He claimed that there will be really a race because tiger always lives in competition on the wild.

“There is a higher level of competition, power struggle. There will be a lot of conflict, of chasing after the same position, of power struggling and of competitions, Since it’s the Triple Tiger, there really is a race,” Chua said.

The Feng shui expert also claimed that Filipino people may face more water disasters including typhoons, floods, and La Niña during the year of the Water Tiger. He is hoping that luck will be on our side this year.

Feng Shui Expert

People who were born under the Sheep, Ox, and Rabbit signs will be lucky in love this year, according to Chua.

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