Psychics Predict Chaos, Earthquake & Volcano Eruption This 2022

Feng Shui Consultant & Psychics Predict Numerous Natural Disasters This 2022

A Feng Shui consultant and psychics predicted chaos, earthquake and volcano eruption this 2022 (Year of the Water Tiger).

Every year, clairvoyant and psychics were making a lot of predictions including natural calamities and catastrophes. Some of them were giving advice and tips on how to avoid bad vibes and drive away negative energies.

Filipino psychics Madam Suzette Arandela and Mamu Hayi together with the feng shui consultant Johnson Chua made several predictions last year including earthquakes, Typhoon Odette and drop of COVID-19 cases during the last quarter of 2021.


The feng shui consultant said that the Year of Water Tiger will be challenging for the Filipino people and a lot of developments will happen. A lot of businesses will start and other source of income will occur, according to Chua.

“Maraming development din, maraming businesses na puwedeng maglabasan naman sa taong ito. Maraming way din na pagkakitaan,” Chua said.

The expert advised the public to be flexible and adaptable this 2022. He also claimed that the individuals who were born at the Year of the Pig, Year of the Horse, and Year of the Rooster will have luck this year.

Chua also said that 2022 will be good for those who are “Single” searching for a partner.

Madam Suzatte predicted that volcanoes including Taal, Pinatubo and Mayon will be active this year. She warned the resident living near Taal to be more vigilant during the month of February until May 2022.


Mamu Hayi also warned the public for possible powerful earthquakes especially to those who were living in Mindanao. “Sa unang mga buwan ng 2022 ang sasapul ‘to ulit sa gawing Mindanao pa rin,” Mamu said.

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