Woman Discovers Dog Adopting Stray Cat Into Their Home

Fur Mommy Discovers Dog Adopts Stray Cat Into Their Home

DOG ADOPTS CAT – A woman catches her dog adopting a stray cat into their home and even make it as new best friend.

A fur mommy named Liz Heck caught her pet dog “Cheeky” adopting a stray cat and inviting it to their home. The dog has been used to the kittens but they were always get adopted so they don’t have a chance to get a regular cat.

Liz is also placing foods at their front yard for her neighbor’s cats. She is a dog and cat lover and even feed stray animals along the road. One day, a stray cat passed on their home and tried to consume the free food.


Initially, Cheeky and the cat did not have good first impression. The dog even suffered a scratch on its nose during their first meeting because they weren’t used to each other. However, the dog did not get mad and extend its patience.

After a few days, the fur mommy found out that Cheeky and the feral cat snuggling and looks like they were best friends already. The cat started to regularly hang out at the house and refused to leave.

Sushi loves hanging out with Cheeky when she comes outside. So now we put cat food on the back porch for her and put a heating pad in a box on the back porch, where she sleeps at night,” Liz shared.


Cheeky is too big for the heating pad, but she always just comes outside to lay on her dog bed or in the grass when it’s sunny, and the cat loves to rub up on her and let Cheeky clean her head,” Liz said.

Liz adopts the cat and named it “Sushi”. She is planning to take the car to a veterinarian for vaccination but the cat is spayed.


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