Philmar Alipayo Issue: Woman On Video Won’t Do Public Apology Due To This

This is why the woman involved in the issue of Philmar Alipayo won’t publicly apologize.

PHILMAR ALIPAYO ISSUE – The partner of Andi Eigenmann is currently under hot water and this woman in the video has this to say about the issue.

A Tiktok video of Philmar Alipayo talking to another girl went viral online. It circulated online earlier this week and the gestures of them as seen on the video gave netizens a different understanding of their relationship.

Following the viral video of Philmar and another woman, a post from Andi Eigenmann emerged online.

In the intriguing post of Andi, she broke her silence amid the issue. According to her, Philmar can what he wants and chat to whoever he wants to but what was shameful is “purposely posting and editing a video to cause a stir, disturbing the peace of people and dragging them into their negativity, just for some social media attention”.

As much as we all know, Andi and Philmar has been engaged since 2020. Their wedding is supposed to be this year but Jaclyn Jose died, the major reason why they had to hold their wedding for now.

Despite the buzz it created, the woman involved named Crissa Liaging refuses to make a public apology. This is something that’s been demanded by the people following the implications of the video she posted with a love song as the background music.

Crissa Liaging
Photo grabbed on FB

According to Liaging, she already apologized to them, and issuing a public apology won’t be necessary anymore. She added that Philmar knows who she likes and it’s not him based on her video.

Meanwhile, amid the loud buzz, Philmar joined on Instagram but sharing a photo of him and his partner for the “National Couple Day”. Philmar’s post for the “National Couple Day” caught the attention of many.

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  1. That’s just nothing to worry about. It’s just one of the many mountains a couple must climb to achieve what they dream and plan in life……


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