Philmar Alipayo Video With Woman Goes Viral

Here’s the video of Philmar Alipayo with this woman.

Andi Eigenmann’s partner Philmar Alipayo was spotted talking with a woman and these are the different comments to the video.

One of the country’s well-known professional surfers is Philmar Alipayo. He is based in Siargao and is engaged to Andi Eigenmann. To recall, since they got together and started to build their family, the former actress transferred to the island and focused on their family.

She stepped out of the limelight but remained within the public’s vicinity as a content creator.

Based on their videos as “Happy Islanders”, they are a happy family living on the island with their children Ellie, Lilo, and Koa. Many people love their vlog as it shows not just the beautiful island but also their beautiful life on the island – peaceful, quiet, calm, and simple.

With how beautiful their life is in Siargao Island, a video of Alipayo talking with a woman alarmed some online. The video circulated online and it spread like wildfire immediately collecting comments from people online.

In the video, Philmar and the woman were just candidly talking to each other and someone is recording this moment. In the caption, the uploader expressed her happiness as she finally saw him after weeks of staying on the island.

Watch the video below:

@crissshabibi Replying to @yaminimanzo ♬ original sound – HABIBI MAIN

Here are some of the comments from the post:

Ang music et. Sure jud et? Haaay. Please don’t break Andi’s heart.


Wow million views na to kagabi e and almost 100k likes.. bakit kaya dinelete then reupliad again

Bat ako yung nasasaktan para kay Andi💔, kahit sabihin pa naten na tropa or kung ano pa eh may asawa yung tao. Kunyare na lang ikaw yung nasa side ni Andi☹️

pls don’t break Andi’s heart🥺 as a married woman selos tlga ko kung Asawa ko Yan baka naisako ko na🙄

nag uusap lang naman yan mga Gordz haha

Meanwhile, Andi and Philmar’s engagement happened in 2020. They are supposed to tie the knot this year but some circumstances happened that made them decide to put it on hold for now. These circumstances included the death of Jaclyn Jose, the mother of Andi.

Losing a mother is probably one of the most heartbreaking things one has to go through and for Andi, she will use this time to come into terms with the reality that her mother is no longer with her physically.

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