Andi Eigenmann Breaks Silence On Viral Video of Philmar Alipayo

This is how Andi Eigenmann reacted to this issue involving her future husband.

Actress-content creator Andi Eigenmann has this to say regarding the controversial video of Philmar Alipayo and this woman.

Videos in social media can easily go viral and much easier when the subject is a famous personality. Over the weekend, champion surfer and Andi Eigenmann’s partner Philmar Alipayo went viral online because of his video with a girl.

Philmar Alipayo Video

Philmar’s viral video with a woman showed that they were just talking, however, the gestures said otherwise. Many people online said it looked they were “flirting”. The stares, the looks, and the arms over the chest, according to the netizens, were suggesting that there’s something going on.

Were they flirting?

Many people online also expressed their concern for Andi and recently, in an Instagram post, the former actress shared online her reaction to this. In an IG post, she expressed the kind of freedom her partner enjoys in their relationship with no harm in sight. However, she stressed what’s shameful just to enjoy a brief online attention.

She wrote:

He can go out with his friends, go drinking once in a while, and chat with whoever he wants. No harm in that. What’s shameful is purposely posting and editing a video to cause a stir, disturbing the peace of people and dragging them into their negativity, just for some social media attention.

Check the post below:

Andi Eigenmann

Meanwhile, Andi and Philmar has been engaged since 2020. This year is supposed to be their wedding year but some unexpected and heartbreaking circumstances occurred which made them hold their wedding for now.

She lost her mother Jaclyn Jose who died last March and this is one of the main reasons why they had to postpone their wedding

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