Andi Eigenmann “Naninigaw” Joke, Philmar Has Epic Reaction

Andi Eigenmann

This is how Philmar Alipayo reacted when Andi Eigenmann joked about this in their new video. ANDI EIGENMANN – In a new vlog, Philmar Alipayo has this reaction when Andi Eigenmann joked about his “paninigaw”. Siargao-based couple Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo announced their engagement in December 2020. They have two kids named Lilo and Koa. Their … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Says Showbiz Is Not Really For Her

Andi Eigenmann talked about her decision to leave the entertainment industry Celebrity mom Andi Eigenmann said that showbiz is not really for her as she chose a life on the island of Siargao after leaving her acting career. Andi came from a popular showbiz clan. Her mother, veteran actress Jaclyn Jose, is one of the … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Completely In Her Element In These Pictures

Andi Eigenmann 3

Check Out Andi Eigenmann Summer Photo Shoot ANDI EIGENMANN – Celebrity mom Andi Eigenmann is completely in her element in these pictures. YouTuber, endorser, and actress Andi Eigenmann is currently based in Siargao, and netizens adore her vlogs in which she shares how she and her family live an island lifestyle. The parents of Andi … Read more

Philmar Alipayo: Lilo, Koa & Kanoa’s Surfing Lessons W/ Their Dad

Philmar Alipayo, Lilo Alipayo

Lilo, Koa & Kanoa Takes Professional Surfing Lessons From Their Dad Philmar Alipayo PHILMAR ALIPAYO – Little happy islanders Lilo Alipayo, Koa Alipayo, and Kanoa Alipayo are taking professional surfing lessons with dad Philmar Alipayo. Philmar Alipayo, Andi Eigenmann’s fiancé, is one of the top surfers in the Philippines. He was even named the first … Read more

Andi Eigenmann’s ‘No Filter’ Beach Photos Goes Viral

Andi Eigenmann 3

Andi Eigenmann Shares Latest Photographs at Siargao Beach ANDI EIGENMANN – Celebrity mom Andi Eigenmann shared her latest photographs at the beach. Andi Eigenmann, a Filipina actress, endorser, and YouTuber, is the daughter of award-winning actress Jaclyn Jose and Mark Gil. Sid Lucero, Gabby Eigenmann, and Max Eigenmann are her half-siblings. The actress-vlogger and her … Read more

Andi Eigenmann New Vlog w/ Children Earns Praise

Andi Eigenmann

Here’s a new vlog of Andi Eigenmann that caught social media attention. ANDI EIGENMANN – Happy Islander Andi Eigenmann shows another random day of her life on the island and netizens have these reactions. Living the ultimate island life that some of us are yearning to have is Andi Eigenmann with fiance surfer Philmar Alipayo along … Read more

VIDEO: Andi Eigenmann Shows Off Impressive Surfing Skills

Andi Eigenmann 3

Andi Eigenmann Flaunts Surfing Skills ANDI EIGENMANN – Actress-turned-vlogger Andi Eigenmann won many hearts with her surfing skills. Filipina actress, endorser, and vlogger Andi Eigenmann is the daughter of award-winning actress Jaclyn Jose and Mark Gil. She is the half-sister of Sid Lucero, Gabby Eigenmann, and Max Eigenmann. Andi has an 11-year-old daughter named Ellie … Read more

Andi Eigenmann and Jaclyn Jose Resolve Issue? Here’s A Post

Andi Eigenmann

Here’s a post of Andi Eigenmann during her quick getaway with her family in Manila. ANDI EIGENMANN – Famous actress Andi Eigenmann and her mother Jaclyn Jose has seemingly resolved their issue already. Andi Eigenmann and Jaclyn Jose have an issue stirring before after the former forgot to greet her mother on her birthday. In a previous article, … Read more