Philmar Alipayo Shares National Couple Day Post w/ Andi Eigenmann

Philmar Alipayo received these comments from netizens

Professional surfer Philmar Alipayo shared a National Couple Day post with his partner celebrity vlogger Andi Eigenmann.

These past few days, the relationship between Philmar and Andi was put under the spotlight. It is because of the surfer’s viral video with social media personality Crissa Liaging.

Philmar was accused of flirting with Crissa amid the known fact that he is Andi’s partner and they have two children already.

Andi Eigenmann's Boyfriend Philmar Alipayo

Amid the issue, Philmar Alipayo remained silent but Crissa Liaging clarified through her TikTok video that they were not flirting and that there was nothing going on between them.

Andi Eigenmann broke her silence on this issue saying that her partner is allowed to mingle and have fun with other people but the “shameful” thing was posting an edited video to catch people’s attention online. After that, Crissa appeared to have an answer to this when she posted her photo with the caption “tao lang po nagkakamali.”

Philmar maintained his silence, as of this writing. However, his recent post on his Instagram story caught the attention of many netizens. The surfer shared his photo with Andi with this caption, “National Couple Day! Post your other half [red heart emoji].”

šŸ“·: @cheponx /Instagram via FP

This was shared on a popular showbiz site and netizens expressed different reactions. Some said that Philmar is trying to get plus points after the issue while some pointed out that the National Couple’s Day is on August 18 and the surfer shared his entry so much in advance. Here are some comments from netizens.

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Some netizens also shared their experience when their partner cheated as they didn’t feel Philmar’s sincerity.

philmar alipayo comments
šŸ“·: via FP

Meanwhile, netizens noticed that during the recent Japan trip of Andi Eigenmann and her kids, Philmar Alipayo was not with them.

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