Robin Padilla on Income as Senator: “Sobrang Negative…”

Robin Padilla Makes Revelations on his Income as Senator

ROBIN PADILLA – The actor-turned-Senator spoke about his income as a lawmaker in the Senate of the Philippines.

One of the loudest names during the May 2022 Elections was action star Robin Padilla. He ran for a seat in the Senate and won as number one in the senatorial race results. It is despite the actor-turned-senator having no budget during the campaign.

Robin’s wife, Mariel Padilla, even sold some of her bags and shoes online to raise funds for the campaign of her husband. He did not rank first in the pre-election survey results but he maintained being on the top spot during the counting of votes.

Recently, Robin Padilla appeared as guest in Korina Interviews which is streamed by Net25. During the interview, he was asked about his income as a senator.

Robin Padilla
Screengrabbed: YouTube/Net25

Sen. Robin Padilla said that he really gets nothing from his monthly salary which is more than P100,000. He stressed that for him it is not allowed not to help whenever someone would come to him to ask for help.

“Sobrang negative [income of senator]. Sobrang negative Ma’am kasi hindi ka pwedeng tumanggi sa lahat ng humihingi ng tulong,” he said.

Robin Padilla further expressed that the people before do not know where to find him but, now that he is a senator, the people knows his office. According to him, the support of former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to him in running for senator was more of an order for him that he followed so he took the senatorial race. He revealed that the only reason he has to back out from the race in case was if his wife disagreed with him joining politics. Mariel supported him so he really pushed through.

During the campaign period, he sang and dance in most of the campaign sorties. According to Robin, he is really used to campaigning but not for himself. During the interview, he revealed that he was not able to arrive on time on some sorties because he’s always on a land trip. Meanwhile, there were occassions when some of the then candidates offered him a ride.

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