Robin Padilla Asked by Korina Sanchez If He Sees Himself as President in the Future

Robin Padilla, Korina Sanchez

Robin Padilla Interviewed by Korina Sanchez on Being Senator, Political Goals & the Possibility of Running for President ROBIN PADILLA – Korina Interviews host Korina Sanchez asked the actor-turned-Senator if he sees himself as president in the future. During the May 2022 Elections, one of the victorious senate candidates was now-Senator Robin Padilla. He ranked … Read more

Robin Padilla on Income as Senator: “Sobrang Negative…”

Robin Padilla

Robin Padilla Makes Revelations on his Income as Senator ROBIN PADILLA – The actor-turned-Senator spoke about his income as a lawmaker in the Senate of the Philippines. One of the loudest names during the May 2022 Elections was action star Robin Padilla. He ran for a seat in the Senate and won as number one … Read more