Mariel Padilla Jets Off To Singapore W/ Robin Padilla

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Mariel Padilla, Robin Padilla Shares Singapore Vacation W/ Fans MARIEL PADILLA – Host and vlogger Mariel Padilla jets off to Singapore with her husband Sen. Robin Padilla. Mariel Padilla, a renowned host in the Philippines, gained even more fame following the successful launch of her personal YouTube vlog. She is wedded to actor-turned-senator Robin Padilla, … Read more

VIDEO: Robin Padilla Pleads To Stop “IV Drip” Issue

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Robin Padilla Appeals To Stop The “IV Drip” Issue ROBIN PADILLA – Senator Robin Padilla urged the press to put an end to the “IV drip” issue of his wife Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla. The pictures of Mariel Padilla getting an IV drip in her husband Senator Robin Padilla’s senate office generated widespread criticism, as many were … Read more

Mariel Padilla On IV Drip Issue: “Wala akong inapakang tao”

Mariel Padilla

Here’s what Mariel Padilla said about the issue. “Queen of Live Selling” Mariel Padilla finally speaks about the IV drip session she did inside the office of her husband in the senate. Unethical? Inappropriate? Disrespectful? Many people found the photos of Mariel Padilla getting an IV drip inside the senate office of her husband Senator Robin … Read more

Dennis Padilla Receives Message From Julia Barretto

Dennis Padilla, Julia Barretto

Dennis Padilla Reveals He Received A Message From Daughter Julia Barretto DENNIS PADILLA – Actor and comedian Dennis Padilla said he received a message from his daughter Julia Barretto. Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla ended their relationship in 2007, leading to a strained connection with their children Julia, Claudia, and Leon. Over the years, their … Read more

Nancy Binay Addresses Concerns Over Mariel Padilla’s Glutathione Drip Controversy

Nancy Binay, Mariel Padilla

Here’s Nancy Binay Response to Mariel Padilla’s Glutathione Drip Controversy in the Senate NANCY BINAY – Here is Senator Nancy Binay’s response to Mariel Padilla’s glutathione drip controversy in the Senate. Mariel Padilla has attracted attention for a viral photo showing her receiving a glutathione drip. The fact that she proudly shared the experience while … Read more

Robin Padilla On Mariel’s Drip Session: “Natatawa talaga ako.”

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Here’s the reaction of Robin Padilla to the critical comments thrown at them. Netizens criticized this photo of Mariel Padilla and Senator Robin Padilla has this reaction to the critical comments online. A lot of odd and unique things are shared online which include one which just recently happened. In a post immediately deleted after, … Read more

Mariel Padilla Issue: Netizens Reacts To IV Drip Session In Senate

Mariel Padilla Issue

MARIEL PADILLA ISSUE – People online have different reactions after the actress-host shares a photo of her doing this in the senate. Under a seemingly tight circumstance, Padilla decided to have her IV drip session inside the senate office of her husband Robin Padilla. For many people, it looks inappropriate to do this treatment inside … Read more

Mariel Padilla Gets Gluta Drip In A Senate Office, Netizens React

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People online have these various comments over this photo of Mariel Padilla in a senate office. Vlogger-host Mariel Padilla gets a gluta drip inside the senate office of Robin Padilla and netizens have these various comments. Self-care is essential. This way, you can manage stress, lower your illness, and among others that can positively impact … Read more