Kylie Padilla’s Hair Transformation Video Goes Viral

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Hair Transformation Video Of Kylie Padilla Goes Viral KYLIE PADILLA – The video of Kylie Padilla’s hair transformation went viral on social media. Kylie Padilla is the daughter of actor-turned-senator Robin Padilla and former actress Liezl Sicangco. In December 2018, she married actor Aljur Abrenica. Aljur and Kylie have two children— Alas Joaquin, 5, and … Read more

Robin Padilla Claims #NasaanAngPangulo Call is a “National Threat”

Robin Padilla Considers #NasaanAngPangulo Call by Netizens a National Threat Senator Robin Padilla claimed that netizens’ call on social media #NasaanAngPangulo can be considered as a “national threat”. When reports began to circulate that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. traveled to Japan at the height of typhoon Paeng last month, the hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo became popular on … Read more

VIDEO: Kylie Padilla & Ex-bayaw Vin Abrenica To Work On TV Project

Kylie Padilla, Vin Abrenica, Aljur Abrenica

Vin Abrenica Shares Video Of Him & Kylie Padilla Practicing Fight Stunts KYLIE PADILLA – Actor Vin Abrenica praised Kylie Padilla as he shared a video of him and Kapuso star practicing fight stunts together. Kapuso actress Kylie Padilla is the daughter of senator Robin Padilla. She married actor Aljur Abrenica in December 2018. They … Read more

Mariel Padilla Reveals Robin Padilla’s Request For His 53rd Birthday

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Robin Padilla Turns 53, Mariel Padilla Reveals Husband’s Birthday Wish MARIEL PADILLA – Host Mariel Padilla caught the attention of netizens after revealing the birthday request of her husband Robin Padilla. Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is the wife of actor-turned-senator Robin Padilla. They are blessed with two kids Isabella and Gabriella. After taking a break from the … Read more

Ruffa Gutierrez Shares Videos From Karla Estrada’s 80s-Themed Birthday Party

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Ruffa Gutierrez Shares Clips From Karla Estrada’s Birthday Party RUFFA GUTIERREZ – Actress-beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez shared some clips from Karla Estrada’s birthday celebration. Karla Estrada entered the entertainment industry when she was a teenager. After giving birth to her son Daniel Padilla, she was able to bounce back. Later on, Daniel launched his own … Read more

Senator Robin Padilla Suggests to Decriminalized Illegal Drug Use

Robin Padilla Dicriminalize Drugs

Senator Robin Padilla Appeals to Decriminalized the Use of Illegal Drugs Senator Robinhood “Robin” Padilla suggested legalizing and decriminalized the use of illegal drugs in the country. Senator Padilla suggested conducting an experiment to see whether decriminalizing drugs would be useful or not when the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs heard about … Read more

PHOTOS: Karla Estrada’s Star-Studded 48th Birthday Party

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Photos From Star Studded Birthday Party Of Karla Estrada KARLA ESTRADA – Check out inside pictures of Karla Estragda’s star studded birthday party. Karla Estrada is well-known as a singer, actress, and tv host in the Philippines. She is Daniel Padilla’s mother, a superstar actor. Magui, Jose Carlito, and Carmela Ford are her other kids. … Read more