Robin Padilla Claims #NasaanAngPangulo Call is a “National Threat”

Robin Padilla Considers #NasaanAngPangulo Call by Netizens a National Threat

Senator Robin Padilla claimed that netizens’ call on social media #NasaanAngPangulo can be considered as a “national threat”.

When reports began to circulate that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. traveled to Japan at the height of typhoon Paeng last month, the hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo became popular on Twitter. According to Padilla, however, inquiring about the location of the President of the nation may be regarded as a “national threat”.

Robin Padilla #NasaanAngPangulo

Padilla claimed that Marcos was allegedly in Cotabato at the time. When the internet community started hunting for him and reports about his being in Japan started to circulate, Padilla clarified that he was with the President in Cotabato.

“Lagi kong inaabangan kung ano ang sasabihin ng Office of the President kasi kasama ko si Presidente, nandun kami sa Cotabato noong panahon na ‘yun na ang tsinitsismis nasaan ang Pangulo,” Padilla asked during the Senate hearing on fake news.

“Anong puwede nating gawin? Sinong puwedeng magreklamo dun kasi para sa akin national threat ‘yung ganun eh. Tinatanong mo kung nasaan ‘yung Presidente,” added the senator, the chairman of the Senate committee on public information and media.

Based on the report, legislation exists to prevent the distribution of false information, according to Angela Marie de Gracia-Cruz, director of the Department of Justice Office of Cybercrime. Cruz gave a detailed response to the senator, listing additional laws already in place to stop the spread of false information.

“Mr. Chair, if you have an existing legal framework that can address misinformation or disinformation, the answer is, yes, but the next question is are these laws sufficient? Based on the statements of the NBI and the PNP (Philippine National Police), maaaring sufficient naman po,” said Cruz.

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