Mariel Padilla shares what Robin Padilla said about her “pagmumura”

Mariel Padilla revealed the changes she went through after getting married and having kids

TV host Mariel Padilla shared what her husband Senator Robin Padilla said about her “pagmumura” which she used to do a lot before.

Mariel reminisced about how her relationship with Robin started. Talking to veteran showbiz reporter Aster Amoyo, the wife of the action star was asked how their love story started.

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Mariel and Robin worked together in Willie Revillame’s show and that was how their relationship started. The TV host said that it was not love at first sight on her part but more of how she saw Robin’s authenticity.

She said that Robin’s charisma was a given factor. Mariel Padilla also said that the series of events that happened between her and Robin Padilla during the show is something that gave her “kilig.”

When asked about the qualities of Robin that she really likes, Mariel first mentioned her husband’s way of treating other people. The TV host shared that when they were doing the show together, she and other hosts with the thought that they are already “sikat” would avoid mingling with fans who wanted to take photos with them.

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However, when Robin joined them, with his superstar status, still spend another hour in the studio just to let the fans take photos with him. Seeing that gesture of the action star, Mariel said that they were humbled.

She also shared the changes she embraced after having Robin in her life. “When I get married, ito, it’s shallow but it’s true, I curse a lot,” she shared. She would curse a lot before as if it is part of how she normally speaks, it was part of her expression.

“And then Robin said, ‘Alam mo, hindi bagay sa’yo ang nagmumura, masyado kang maganda para magmura,” Mariel Padilla shared what her husband said to her. That was the moment that change her “pagmumura.”

She said that although she still says bad words sometimes but it is definitely not the same as how she was before. Being a mother, Mariel said that she became more patient.

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