VIDEO: Ces Drilon Shows Her Wacky Side In Viral Ad

Ces Drilon 4

Watch Ces Drilon Viral Ad Here CES DRILON – Filipino broadcast journalist Ces Drilon’s ad for a beverage brand went viral because apart from many people laughing, many Pinoys can also relate to the situations shown here. Broadcast journalist Ces Drilon is the “woman of the hour” because she managed to make Pinoys laugh amidst … Read more

Karen Davila Reacts To Korina Sanchez’s Return To ABS-CBN

Karen Davila commented on this post that Korina Sanchez shared Veteran journalist Korina Sanchez returned to ABS-CBN after doing partnerships with other networks and this received a reaction from Kapamilya news anchor Karen Davila. Korina and Karen both became part of the Kapamilya primetime news program TV Patrol. It is known to many that they … Read more

Korina Sanchez Returns To ABS-CBN

korina sanchez abs-cbn executive

Korina Sanchez signs new contract with Kapamilya network Veteran journalist Korina Sanchez is returning to ABS-CBN as she signed a new contract for her show Rated Korina. Korina has been under the management of the Kapamilya network for many years. She was one of the prominent news anchors of ABS-CBN’s primetime news program TV Patrol. … Read more

VIDEO: Fernando Carrillo Admits To Previously ‘Dating’ Korina Sanchez

Fernando Carrillo, Korina Sanchez

Fernando Carrillo Reminisces About Date W/ Korina Sanchez FERNANDO CARRILLO – Venezuelan star Fernando Carrillo confirmed that he was dating Korina Sanchez before. Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo, who became famous in the country when his 1999 Mexicanovela ‘Rosalinda‘ is now here in the Philippines. The hit series had a GMA adaptation in 2009. It starred … Read more

Gerald Anderson On What Made Him Say Julia Barretto Is “The One”

Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto

This is how Julia Barretto changed Gerald Anderson and what made him say that she is the one. GERALD ANDERSON – Kapamilya actor Gerald Anderson confesses something about his current relationship and where it is leading. In 2019, Kapamilya stars Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson have been linked with each other. The actress was accused … Read more

Zsa Zsa Padilla Talks about Lovestory w/ Dolphy

Zsa Zsa Padilla, Dolphy

Zsa Zsa Padilla Calls Dolphy her ‘True Love’ ZSA ZSA PADILLA – In an interview with Korina Sanchez, the Divine Diva spoke about her lovestory with her late former partner, Dolphy. One of the most popular personalities in the Philippine showbiz industry that left a huge mark in the field is the late Comedy King … Read more

Robin Padilla Asked by Korina Sanchez If He Sees Himself as President in the Future

Robin Padilla, Korina Sanchez

Robin Padilla Interviewed by Korina Sanchez on Being Senator, Political Goals & the Possibility of Running for President ROBIN PADILLA – Korina Interviews host Korina Sanchez asked the actor-turned-Senator if he sees himself as president in the future. During the May 2022 Elections, one of the victorious senate candidates was now-Senator Robin Padilla. He ranked … Read more

Robin Padilla on Income as Senator: “Sobrang Negative…”

Robin Padilla

Robin Padilla Makes Revelations on his Income as Senator ROBIN PADILLA – The actor-turned-Senator spoke about his income as a lawmaker in the Senate of the Philippines. One of the loudest names during the May 2022 Elections was action star Robin Padilla. He ran for a seat in the Senate and won as number one … Read more