Doctoral Student Arrested for Sprinkling Salt on Wild Snails

Police Arrests Doctoral Student Sprinkling Salt on Wild Snails

The police authorities arrested a doctoral student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University for sprinkling salt on wild snails.

The officers from police’s animal crime team has conducted an investigation after receiving a report that a 25-year-old computer science doctoral student covered wild snails in salt, which is allegedly considered as animal cruelty.

The student holding a bag of salt reportedly sprinkled the salt on wild snails on a grassy area off East Ocean Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui believing that shelled creatures were harmful to the world’s ecosystem.

Doctoral Student

The man is telling the passers-by that he would take an action to remove the shelled creatures. He covered the snails in salt, which draws moisture out of the snails. It causes an osmosis effect and kills snails within few minutes.

The police’s animal crime team was able to trace the culprit’s location and arrest him hast Monday (August 16, 2021) around 7:00 pm. The cops accompanied him to his flat on Hillwood Road in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The police officers also seized the guy’s clothes he is wearing while committing the violation last August 4, 2021.

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Doctoral Student

Animal cruelty or abuse is considered as a violation of the law. Humans causing harm or death to animals could face corresponding sanctions and penalties. Different countries have different basis in considering animal abuse.

However, some netizens lambasted the HK government for accusing the student of animal cruelty against snails. Other social media users said that the accusers should be arrested for abuse of public resources.

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