Philippines is Ready for $2-B Export of Durian, Other Fruits to China

Philippines Gears Up to Export Durian and Other Tropical Fruits to China The Philippines is now gearing up for the $2 billion of Durian and other tropical fruits export deal to China. The Department of Agriculture (DA) has revealed that they are now preparing for the fruit export agreement with China. Agriculture Assistant Secretary Rex … Read more

Chinese Embassy Denies Zubiri Claims China Blacklist PH Tourism

Migz Zubiri

Chinese Embassy Refutes Claim of Zubiri that China Includes PH ni Tourism Blacklist The Chinese Embassy has denied the claims of Senator Migz Zubiri that China allegedly included the Philippines on their ‘tourism blacklist.’ The remark made by Senator Zubiri was labeled as “misinformation” by the Chinese Embassy in Manila. In a separate statement, the … Read more

Japan Re-open the Mass Tourism on October


Covid-19 Restrictions in Japan will be Lifted for Foreign Tourist Japan will lift travel restrictions for foreign tourist and re-open the boarders next month after two years and a half because of pandemic. The pandemic, according to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who was speaking at the New York Stock Exchange, has impeded the free flow … Read more

Earthquake Death Toll in China Rises to 74

Earthquake Death Toll

Update About China Earthquake Death Toll in 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake EARTHQUAKE DEATH TOLL- A 6.6 magnitude earthquake strike China that cause death up to 76 people while others are still missing. As thousands of people were relocated into temporary shelters and torrential rains threatened to trigger more landslides, official media announced Wednesday that the death … Read more

China Rockets Engines Test for Moon Landing

China Rockets

Powerful China Rockets Engines Used for Future Missions to the Moon China rockets are being tested for future missions to the moon, mars and beyond and declare that it was “completely successful”. According to China’s space authorities, a Beijing space research center developed a new rocket engine that is twice as powerful as its American … Read more

Alligator Gar Sightings in 8 China Province

Alligator Gar

Monster Fish Alligator Gar Emerge in 8 China Province Alligator Gar or “Monster Fish” has captured after a month-long searched for one resulted in the complete lake’s draining last week in China. Since then, other claims of more catches and sightings around the nation have surfaced. There have been reports of alligator gar sightings in … Read more

Hottest Heatwave Record in China

Hottest Heatwave

Hottest Heatwave in China is the Most Serious Ever Recorded in History Hottest Heatwave in China is the most severe that affects energy supply, water supply and food production all over the country. Authorities in China have issued an urgent call for action to protect crops in the face of the nation’s hottest summer on … Read more

Extra Ordinary Foods All Over the World

Extra Ordinary Foods

World’s Most Extra Ordinary Foods Extra ordinary foods that maybe disgusting for some but delicious to others and these foods also has lots of health benefits that excites you to taste them. Everyone enjoys eating and some even go so far to eat extra ordinary foods as to claim that they don’t actually eat to … Read more

China Heat Wave ‘Cooks’ Live Shrimp


China Heat Wave can Cook Live Shrimp on a Water Bag China – An extreme heatwave in China can cook a live shrimp in a water bag purchased on a super market, after the buyer carried in home because of the high temperatures. On Sunday, August 14, a woman surnamed Fang, from Xinyang in central … Read more

Choose Wisely Before Consuming These Foods from China

Choose Wisely Before Consuming

Check Labels and Choose Wisely Before Consuming These Items Made in China Choose wisely before consuming foods as China is the one nation that is always producing goods for export to other countries. China exports a wide variety of products, including clothing, machinery, and food. Amazing items from the nation are available to you and … Read more