Kinder Learner Eats “Asin” as Ulam at School

Kinder Learner

Kinder Learner Earns Sympathy Online For Eating “Asin” as Ulam at School A kinder learner eating ‘asin’ as ulam at school goes viral online and elicits reactions from internet users. A Facebook user named SO NO RA has shared photos of a poor kinder learner who is eating rice with ‘asin’ as ulam during lunchtime … Read more

Doctoral Student Arrested for Sprinkling Salt on Wild Snails

Doctoral Student

Police Arrests Doctoral Student Sprinkling Salt on Wild Snails The police authorities arrested a doctoral student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University for sprinkling salt on wild snails. The officers from police’s animal crime team has conducted an investigation after receiving a report that a 25-year-old computer science doctoral student covered wild snails in salt, which … Read more

Community Pantry Organizer Shocked After Salts Donated Contain Money

Donated Salts in Community Pantry in Naga Filled with Money, Shocks Organizer The organizer of a community pantry in Naga was shocked after the salts donated to them were filled with different values of money. Melody Miranda Conag, an organizer of the community pantry in Dinaga, Cuatro Esquenas, Naga, expresses gratitude to the generous donor … Read more

Instantly Stop Symptoms Of Migraine With Salt, Lemon


Salt And Lemon Mixture Can Instantly Stop Migraine Headaches Migraine headaches can cause too much discomfort for someone, stop the symptoms of a migraine immediately with the combination of salt and lemon. A migraine is a headache disorder characterized by recurring moderate to severe headaches, which could last up to 72 hours. Patients may experience … Read more

Resolve Health Issues Using Lemon, Salt, And Pepper

Health Issues

Use Lemon, Salt, And Pepper To Resolve Several Health Issues People commonly use lemon, salt, and pepper as food condiments, but aside from being ingredients, it can also resolve several health issues. These ingredients were used by people for culinary purposes and in cooking some of our favorite dishes such as vegetable salad and other … Read more

Salt Can Be Beneficial in Your House By Doing This


Salt Can Be Beneficial in Your House By Doing This Spreading salt in your house can cause a lot of benefits. It is commonly used by people for seasoning when cooking but for over a hundred years people are using salt for cleaning purposes. Salt does not contain any toxic elements and doesn’t have negative … Read more