Robbery: Two Ladies Seized 11K From An Old Woman


Robbery of two ladies caught on CCTV, 11 thousand was seized from the old woman. ROBBERY – Two ladies were caught on the recorded video of a Closed-circuit Television or CCTV camera stealing away 11 thousand pesos from an old lady in a supermarket. Stealing, as we all know, is considered to be as a … Read more

Watch: The Current Health Status Of John Regala After Fainting In Supermarket

John Regala

Interview With John Regala Regarding His Health Status After Fainting In Supermarket Watch the interview regarding the current health status of the actor John Regala after fainting in Savemore Zapote Supermarket Cavite Branch last week. Previously, the news about John Regala who was allegedly suffered heart attack in a supermarket was making rounds in the … Read more

Actor John Regala Suffered Heart Attack In Savemore Supermarket

John Regala

John Regala Suffered Heart Attack In A Supermarket Filipino veteran actor John Regala suffered a heart attack in Savemore Zapote Supermarket Cavite branch last Friday (February 17, 2017). John Paul Guido Boucher Scherrer or known as John Regala is Filipino actor, environmentalist, and a Christian minister. The actor usually portraying the character of being an antagonist in … Read more

List Of Products Linked To Cancer


Here Are Some List of Cancer-Causing Products Thousands of products were already existing in the market which might contain harmful chemicals, here are some products linked to cancer. Supermarkets, departments store, and other shop were already selling various types of products nowadays, which may contain toxic chemicals that can cause harm to the body. Customers were … Read more