Robbery: Two Ladies Seized 11K From An Old Woman

Robbery of two ladies caught on CCTV, 11 thousand was seized from the old woman.

ROBBERY – Two ladies were caught on the recorded video of a Closed-circuit Television or CCTV camera stealing away 11 thousand pesos from an old lady in a supermarket.

Stealing, as we all know, is considered to be as a dreadful sin in the society, eyes of the people and most especially, to the Divine Law.

A video was shared in a certain page on Facebook called All About The Philippines.

The said unfortunate incident happened at the RCS Supermarket in Tarlac.

According to the shared post, at the first part of the video, an old woman is strolling the supermarket with her grocery cart.

As soon as the video runs out, it can be noticed that two ladies is literally following them anywhere they go.

One lady would sometimes position herself at the front of the grocery cart of the old lady while the other could be seen staying at the opposite direction. Somehow in the video, both of them can be seen beside the old lady.

The two ladies seemed to be observing the people and the happening around them. Based on their actions, you could possibly suspect they are up to do something.

In the middle of the crowded supermarket, the thieves can’t seem to find their chance to do their plan.

However, they have found the perfect place to do their stealing, as shown at the last part of the video, when the old lady and her companion went to the latter part of the supermarket where there is only a few people that p(–foul word(s) removed–) by.

Quickly, they stole something from the bag of the old lady and then sped away right after.

It was discovered that they have stole away an amount of 11,000 from the old lady.

Here’s the video:

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