Woman Expresses Disappointment After Another Customer Takes Her Forgotten Chicken


Woman Slams Fellow Customer Who Took the Chicken She Purchased, Which Left at Supermarket A woman has expressed her disappointment after another customer at a famous supermarket takes her forgotten chicken. Recently, Hanna Melea M Señeres, a Facebook user, shared her disappointing experience after another customer took the chicken she had purchased, which she accidentally … Read more

Jennylyn Mercado Calls Out S&R: “Safe ba ganito itchura meat niyo?

Jennylyn Mercador S&R

Jennylyn Mercado Calls Out S&R Due to Alleged Damaged Meat She Bought Actress Jennylyn Mercado calls out the popular supermarket S&R after the meat she allegedly bought from them has bad look. The actress-vlogger shared a picture of meat that she supposedly bought from S&R on Instagram Stories. She directly questioned the grocer about its … Read more

Merchandiser Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Chocolate at Supermarket


Police Authorities Arrest Merchandiser For Allegedly Stealing Chocolates at Supermarket A merchandiser has been arrested for allegedly stealing a chocolate at a supermarket in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. Nowadays, robbery has been one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but also in various regions all around the world. Some criminals have no choice but … Read more

Grocery Products Arranged Into Display of Philippine Flag

Grocery Products

Merchandiser Goes Viral After Arranging Grocery Products Into Display of Philippine Flag PHILIPPINE FLAG – A merchandiser of a supermarket in Zamboanga City has arranged the grocery products into the display of the Philippine flag. A Facebook user named Dinabel Toribio Agana has shared the photos of grocery products, which were arranged into a display … Read more

Puregold Baffling “Public Service Advisory” Under IATF Rules Goes Viral

Puregold Apologize, Corrects Baffling “Public Service Advisory” That Went Viral Supermarket and grocery chain operator Puregold apologized to the public and corrects their baffling “public service advisory” that went viral on social media. Recently, a “public service advisory” posted at the entrance of a supermarket went viral on Facebook. It states (published as is): “16 … Read more

Funny Video of Guy Throwing Punches at Supermarket’s Boxing Station Goes Viral

Boxing Station

Adorable Guy Punching at Supermarket’s Boxing Station Elicits Comments Online The funny video of an adorable guy throwing some punches at the supermarket’s boxing station goes viral online. A Facebook user named Sherly Patchaligan-Nash has shared the video footage of an adorable guy who literally shows some boxing skills at the supermarket’s boxing station. The … Read more

AllHome’s AllDay Supermarket Launches Self-Checkout Counters

AllHome's AllDay Supermarket

AllHome’s AllDay Supermarket Introduces Self-Checkout Counters To Ensure Safety of Staff and Customers AllHome’s AllDay Supermarket in Alabang has launched a self-checkout counters amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The popular supermarket implement a new method with the shopping transactions of their customers. The establishment launched a self-checkout counters to ensure the safety of customers and employees amid the … Read more