Man Recovers Motorcycle After Thief Post it For Sale in Social Media

Thief Arrested After Posting Stolen Motorcycle For Sale on Social Media Authorities arrested a thief after a man reported him when he was caught posting his stolen motorcycle for sale on social media. A man’s illegal livelihood as a motorcycle thief and seller in San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan, has come to an end. … Read more

2 Wildlife Traffickers Arrested for Selling Endangered Cockatoos Online

Endangered Cockatoos Rescued After 2 Wildlife Traffickers Tries Selling Them Online WILDLIFE TRAFFICKERS – Two (2) suspects selling endangered cockatoos online were arrested in an ongoing wildlife enforcement operation. Two wildlife dealers in Bulacan who illegally sell umbrella cockatoos online were arrested last week as part of an ongoing wildlife compliance operation by the Department … Read more

Hardworking Lady Earns Million Through Live Online Selling

Hardworking Lady

Hardworking Lady Goes Viral After Earning Million Through Her Online Shop A hardworking lady has already earned million through live online selling and prove that everything can be achieved through hard work. A 22-year-old woman identified as Joyce Sibayan did not expect to become a millionaire at such a young age. Initially, the woman could not … Read more

Employee Who Quit Job Sells Company’s “Work from Home” PC Online

Employee Sells Company’s “Work from Home” PC Online After Quitting Job A company’s “Work from Home” PC was being sold online after an employee who recently resigns from his job bravely sells it on buy and sell group. Since the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) struck the world, several businesses have been forced to close in order … Read more

Thief Arrested After Selling the Stolen Expensive Bike on Social Media

Thief Posted on Social Media Selling Stolen Expensive Bike Resulted to His Arrest Authorities in Calasiao, Pangasinan, arrested a man accused of thief after he posted on social media selling the stolen expensive bike. A man was arrested after he posted an expensive bicycle on social media that had been reported stolen in Calasiao, Pangasinan. … Read more

10 Individuals Arrested Over Illegal Sale of COVID-19 Test Kits in Quezon City

10 Individuals Selling COVID-19 Test Kits Illegally in Quezon City Arrested Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) operatives arrested ten people in Quezon City for illegally selling COVID-19 test kits. According to the Philippine News Agency, the suspects were apprehended in an entrapment operation after selling 30 boxes of Clungene rapid test kits worth P204,000 … Read more