Study Shows Male Online Sellers Earn More Than Female Sellers

PIDS Releases Study Showing Male Online Sellers Earn More Compared to Female Sellers

The Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) study shows that there are more Pinay sellers in the country but male online sellers earn more.

The recent study shows that female netizens engaged in online selling is five percent higher than the four percent for males, according to the Expanded Data Analysis and Policy Research for National ICT Household Survey 2019.

However, male online sellers have higher sales compared to female entrepreneurs, according to the research. A similar study shows that men have online sales average of P10, 898, which is quite higher compared to the P6, 041 sales of ladies.

Male Online Sellers

“We conducted some basic econometric modeling and observed that engagement in online selling is more likely for women, married individuals, and more educated persons,” PIDS Senior Research Fellow Jose Ramon Albert said.

Albert said that unemployed, self-employed individuals, and students usually engaged in online selling to earn money while employed individuals are less likely to join the trend.

The researchers are also encouraging the government to push policies that will enhance the educational capacity and reskill the workforce of the Filipinos.

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Male Online Sellers

“Training the older population and less educated concerning the practical applications of ICT, as well as enhancing the general population’s knowledge and usage of online platforms in conducting online transactions, will equitably improve the population’s ability to benefit from ICT,” the study reads.

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