Employee, 2 Others Arrested for Stealing Hospital Ventilator in QC

Hospital Employee, 2 Others Arrested for Stealing Ventilator in QC

Police authorities arrested a hospital employee along with his two (2) accomplices for allegedly stealing a ventilator in Quezon City.

Three people were arrested in connection with the theft of a portable ventilator from a hospital in Quezon City. Among those detained is a hospital employee who was captured on Video taking the ventilator, according to the report of ABS-CBN News.

Hospital Employee Ventilator

The stolen portable ventilator is valued at P800,000, the hospital told the authorities. According to the police, it was allegedly discovered missing after the hospital conducted an inventory and determined that it was gone.

The report added that the stolen hospital property was allegedly being sold online in this manner. In Manila, an online buyer paid P55,000 for the stolen ventilator. He was, however, detained on Saturday, March 18, the police revealed.

At night, one of the suspect’s friends went to the police station and attempted to pay the arresting officer. As a result, the authorities also arrested him for his illegal activity. As a result, he will be charged with qualified theft and violating Presidential Decree No. 1612, often known as the Anti-Fencing Law.

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