6 Online Sellers Arrested for Stealing RTW Items to Sell it Online

6 Online Sellers Stole RTW Items and Attempted to Sell them Online Arrested

Police authorities arrested six online sellers for stealing ready-to-wear (RTW) items and allegedly attempting to sell them online.

Pasay City police conducted an entrapment operation against six alleged online dealers in Pasay City for stealing RTW products. The internet sellers were apprehended at about 11:30 p.m. on Monday in a residence in Barangay 183, Villamor Pasay Local, according to city police commander Col. Froilan Uy.

Online Sellers RTW

According to the report, the suspects are Paula Sarah Khan, 35, Hasnoden Baguan, 43, Hannah Mae Moraca, 24, a sales agent, Najib Paniorutan, 22, an internet seller, Abdari Abdul, 20, an assistant, and Geraldine Alzona, 20.

Uy went on to say that the operation was prepared by officers of the Station Investigation and Detective Management Section (SIDMS) after Kowsar Abdul, 59, a Bangladeshi, made a complaint. According to Abdul, the RTW products were taken from his storage on Pedro Gil St. in Manila on January 18.

He said that his employee Jennifer, 33, discovered the stolen RTW items were being sold online. The culprits were found with 15 crates of stolen RTW items valued at P148,500. The suspects have been arrested and will face charges for breaking the Anti-Fencing Law.

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