Online Sellers Revealing Price via “PM Sent” to Face Imprisonment

Solon Pushes Imprisonment on Online Sellers Revealing Price of Products via “PM Sent”

A solon warned that online retailers who reveal the price of their products through “PM sent” may face significant fines and imprisonment.

Marcelino Libanan of the 4Ps Partylist demands that all consumers read the product price tag. He claims that businesses using “PM sent” as a manner of stating the price of their product violates the Philippine Consumer Act.

“Under the law, retailers are prohibited from offering any product for sale to the public without a price tag in pesos and centavos. We must stress that the law compels all retailers, under pain of penalties, to put price tags on their products for all consumers to see. This applies to all retailers, regardless of whether they are selling online or in physical stores,” said Libanan.

“In order to protect consumers, we would urge the Department of Trade and Industry to rigorously enforce the price tag requirement,” he insisted.

PM Sent Imprisonment

Despite the existence of a regulation requiring the insertion of price tags, Libanan claims that many people, particularly online retailers, post their products on media platforms without a price tag. According to him, the Consumer Act ensures complete pricing transparency and protects the public from any pricing abuses.

“They merely provide photos of their products along with other details, and then wait for consumers to ask for the price of the item they are interested in buying. The Consumer Act ensures absolute pricing transparency and to safeguard the public against potential pricing abuses,” it explained.

Violators of the price tag law could face up to six months in prison, a fine of up to P5,000, or both, according to Libanan. Based on the report, repeat offenders risk losing their business authorization and license. According to the law, a retailer is “someone who is in the business of selling consumer products directly to customers.”

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