Glenn Chong: Ms. Lewis Excuses On Controversial #LeniLeaks


Excuses Of Ms. Lewis On Controversial #LeniLeaks, According To Glenn Chong The controversial #LeniLeaks of Vice President Leni Robredo involved some personalities including Ms. Loida Nicolas-Lewis who made a lot of excuses. Glenn Chong posted on his social media account the excuses of Ms. Lewis in her involvement in the ouster plot against President Duterte. … Read more

Loida Nicolas Lewis Speaks Up On Involvement In Alleged Duterte Ouster Plot

Loida Lewis denied Duterte ouster plot

The name of Loida Nicolas Lewis was pointed out to be behind the ouster plot against President Duterte Loida Nicolas Lewis unzipped her lips amid the apparent issue on the alleged ouster plot against Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. The Filipino- American philanthropist said in a statement, sent through a message to The Philippine Star … Read more

Chu To Nicolas-Lewis: ‘We will not go down without fighting for our President’


Netizen Krizette Chu posted her reply to Loida Nicolas-Lewis. KRIZETTE – Netizen Krizette Laureta Chu posted on social media account her lengthy reply to Filipino-American leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis. In the previous months, one name that has sparked headlines is that of Fil-Am leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis who called for the stepping down of Pres. Rodrigo Roa … Read more

Watch Video: New Yorkers Express Their Message To Duterte, Filipino People

New yorkers

The New Yorkers expressed their message to Pres. Duterte and the Filipino people. New Yorkers expressed their message to Philippine Pres. Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte and to the Filipino people. They encouraged support for the President. Recently, a video uploaded on YouTube entailed the message of the people in New York to Pres. Duterte who will … Read more

Journalist Ira Panganiban Reveals Connection Between Leila De Lima, James Taylor, Loida Nicolas Lewis

Ira Panganiban

Ira Panganiban Reveals Connection Between Loida Lewis, Leila De Lima, And James Taylor The journalist Ira Panganiban reveals the connection between Senator Leila De Lima, American singer James Taylor, and Loida Nicolas Lewis. The journalist reveals the connection between De Lima to other big personalities. Senator De Lima faces a lot of issues and controversies … Read more

Viral: Netizen Reveals Alleged Involvement Of Loida Nicolas-Lewis To De Lima’s Award


A post about the alleged involvement of Loida Nicolas-Lewis to the award of Sen. De Lima went viral. VIRAL – Netizen Leix Valenciano Holt’s social media post went viral as she revealed the alleged involvement of Loida Nicolas-Lewis to the international award of Sen. Leila De Lima. Undeniably, Sen. Leila De Lima is one of … Read more

Fil-Am Millionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis: ‘I Do Not Support Any Calls For Duterte *Forced* Ouster’

Loida Nicolas-Lewis Denies Accusation On 'Forced Ouster Duterte Issue'

Loida Nicolas-Lewis Millionaire denies accusation on *forced* ouster Duterte issue. Filipino-American Community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis took to Facebook and denied the accusations on forced ouster Duterte issue. The Philippine President was known for being active in his campaign to stop illegal drugs in the country. He has promised the Filipino people that he will resign … Read more

Junsay On Nicolas-Lewis: ‘Does not have the interest of the Filipinos at heart’


Netizen Krislam Junsay expressed her side on Loida Nicolas-Lewis’ call for Pres. Duterte to resign. JUNSAY – Netizen Krislam Junsay revealed his side on the call of Filipino-American Leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis for Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to resign from his post. The war against illegal drugs is undeniably one of the major focuses of the Duterte … Read more

Fil-Am Leader Loida Nicolas Lewis To Duterte: ‘No Extension, Resign Now!’

Fil-Am Millionaire Loida Nicolas Lewis Wants Duterte To Resign

Filipino American leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis joined the call for Duterte’s resignation. Filipino-American Leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis revealed that she has joined the call for President Rodrigo Duterte to resign. Nicolas-Lewis broke her silence and showed up to the media to clarify the accusations against her that she has been plotting to oust the Philippine president. “No, President … Read more

Fil-Am Leader Denies Plan To Expel Duterte In His Post


Filipino-American Community Leader Denies Plan To Impeach Duterte As Philippine President Loida Nicolas Lewis, a Filipino-American community leader denied her plan to expel President Rodrigo Duterte from his position. On Friday (November 04, 2016), President Duterte said that a large protest against him was planning by a Filipina widow of a wealthy African-American. Loida described … Read more