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Netizen Krizette Chu posted her reply to Loida Nicolas-Lewis.

KRIZETTE – Netizen Krizette Laureta Chu posted on social media account her lengthy reply to Filipino-American leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis.

In the previous months, one name that has sparked headlines is that of Fil-Am leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis who called for the stepping down of Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte from the presidential post.

Based on a previous news report, Nicolas-Lewis called for the 71-year-old President to be true to his promise that he will resign his post in case he won’t be able to end the presence of illegal drugs in the country within three to six months.


Loida Nicolas-Lewis / Photo lifted from Asian Journal

Furthermore, it is even stated in the news report that a netizen, Krislam Junsay, said that the Fil-Am leader ‘does not have the interest of the Filipinos at heart’.

Recently, a social media post went viral after netizen Krizette Laureta Chu posted her reply to Loida Nicolas-Lewis on her Facebook account.

Chu posted four photos. In her post, she stated that Nicolas-Lewis replied to her post on the Fil-Am leader’s social media wall. She also stated an encouragement to be ‘respectful’ in posting to the wall of Nicolas-Lewis.

‘That’s the only way you can have people listen to you, and our goal is not to fight or show her how much we hate her, but to make her see the error of her destabilization efforts,’ she further stated.

Based on the photos posted by Chu, it could be seen that she asked the Fil-Am leader on what made her think that she knows better than the Filipino people who voted for Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

She further asked Nicolas-Lewis on what made her think that the people should be ‘saved’ from Pres. Duterte? “Do you assume we who voted and campaigned for Duterte are ignorant and stupid?” Chu added.

“I do not assume anything about you, but I do block and delete also those who use my personal page to judge me or gain fame. Do it on your own walls, please,” Nicolas-Lewis told Chu in a reply.

Chu then thanked the Fil-Am leader and then started with her lengthy reply. In her reply, she expressed that she ‘felt judged’ like the many Filipino people for thinking that Nicolas-Lewis assumed that the Filipino people were ‘not smart enough’ to elect Pres. Duterte.

Chu also stressed that ‘democracy is not dead’ for the reason that it is not the choice of Nicolas-Lewis who won. She also cited the line of Abraham Lincoln which stresses that ‘elections belong to the people’.

“I hope you realize that if a civil war erupts, because we will not go down without fighting for our President,” Chu added.

Chu also encouraged Nicolas-Lewis to support the country if she really loves it as she has said. “If we suffer in the future, so be it. We have also suffered from the decisions of leaders we did not elect. That is both the curse and beauty of democracy,” she stated.

The post went viral on the social media and has already gained more than three thousand four hundred shares as of Tuesday.

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