Journalist Ira Panganiban Reveals Connection Between Leila De Lima, James Taylor, Loida Nicolas Lewis

Ira Panganiban Reveals Connection Between Loida Lewis, Leila De Lima, And James Taylor

The journalist Ira Panganiban reveals the connection between Senator Leila De Lima, American singer James Taylor, and Loida Nicolas Lewis.

The journalist reveals the connection between De Lima to other big personalities. Senator De Lima faces a lot of issues and controversies against her for her alleged involvement in illegal drug proliferation at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

Recently, De Lima went to US and Germany for her official overseas travel. The senator has allegedly visited Washington and New York to meet her moneyed principals against President Rodrigo Duterte.

Ira Panganiban



The American singer, guitarist, and songwriter James Taylor canceled his Manila concert because the big time democrat funder Loida Nicolas Lewis told him. Taylor is a hardline, true blue democrat, who is on a first name basis with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Millions of dollars were donated by Loida Nicolas Lewis to the Democratic Party and Lewis is also a hardline democrat. She was also tagged as one of the richest people in the world. Loida also is one of the people who leads the plan to launch protest and rallies in ousting the president.

In short, there is a clear connection between the three of them, from the cancellation of Taylor’s concert due to his connection to Loida and De Lima’s appearance at the Re-Du2017 campaign. Re-Du 2017 is the latest plot of Trillanes camp, which aims to remove Duterte from the presidency on 2017, according to Panganiban’s source.

Ira Panganiban



Panganiban’s post received a lot of positive and negative comments from netizens. Most of the netizens who have read the post react to Re-Du2017, they opposed the plot to remove Duterte from the presidency.

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