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Netizen Krislam Junsay expressed her side on Loida Nicolas-Lewis’ call for Pres. Duterte to resign.

JUNSAY – Netizen Krislam Junsay revealed his side on the call of Filipino-American Leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis for Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to resign from his post.

The war against illegal drugs is undeniably one of the major focuses of the Duterte Administration. Since the election campaign, the then-Mayor of Davao City has been very vocal on how much he wills to end the drug problems in the country.

He has even promised to the people to clean the Philippines from illegal drugs within the first three to six months of his term in case he will secure the post.

The 71-year-old man then assumed the post as he was the victor in the 2016 presidential election as he garnered most of the populace’s votes – a landslide victory. The efforts to capture the users and pushers of illegal drugs then started right away.


Loida Nicolas-Lewis / Photo lifted from Asian Journal

Based in a previous news report, Filipino-American Leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis asks Pres. Duterte to be true to his promise to resign if he won’t be able to clean the country from drugs in six months.

The side of Nicolas-Lewis has captured a lot of attention. Recently, another post went viral in social media as a netizen expressed his side on the call of the Fil-Am Leader to the Philippine President.

Netizen Krislam Junsay in his Facebook post pointed the timing of the article published in New York Times which he cited that went out after Vice Pres. Leni Robredo ‘was fired from her cabinet position’.


Krislam Junsay / Photo lifted from Krislam Junsay’s Facebook Account

Junsay also cited that Nicolas-Lewis called for Pres. Duterte to leave his post a day after Vice Pres. Robredo ‘was fired’. He emphasized that the Fil-Am Leader is a Liberal Party member.

As to Junsay, Nicolas-Lewis backs PhilEx Corporation which ‘suffered major losses’ as the 71-year-old President supported Department of Environment and Natural Resources Sec. Gina Lopez in shutting down mining firms which have committed violations against the laws on environment.

The post also entailed that ‘the accusation of state-sponsored killings to malign’ Pres. Duterte ‘lost its steam’ when Edgar Matobato, the self-confessed ‘hitman’ of Pres. Duterte, was discovered to be a ‘phony’.

He ended the viral post by stating that, “Nicolas-Lewis does not have the interest of the Filipinos at heart, rather she has an interest to a Robredo presidency.”

The post has already reached 813 shares in social media as of Friday and has already gained 99 commentaries from netizens.

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