Vice Ganda Airs Message For Direk Bobet, Billy & Other Former Hosts

Vice Ganda

On a rare chance, Vice Ganda sincerely expressed his message to these former Showtime people. VICE GANDA – During “It’s Showtime!” live, Vice Ganda becomes emotional as he let out sincere messages for these people including Direk Bobet Vidanes. When Direk Bobet Vidanes left “It’s Showtime!”, several controversies and speculations immediately surrounded it. He expressed … Read more

Direk Bobet Vidanes On Competition Between Showtime and LOL

Direk Bobet Vidanes

Here’s what Direk Bobet Vidanes said about the competition of noontime shows of different networks. DIREK BOBET VIDANES – “Lunch Out Loud” director Direk Bobet Vidanes speaks about the competition between his former and current noontime shows. In a previous article, during the first anniversary of TV5’s “Lunch Out Loud”, former Kapamilya Direk Bobet Vidanes … Read more

Vice Ganda “Offended” When Direk Bobet Left Showtime

Vice Ganda, Direk Bobet Vidanes

In a sauna night with Ion Perez and Ryan Bang, Vice Ganda talked about Direk Bobet leaving them in Its Showtime. VICE GANDA – Its Showtime artists Ion Perez, Ryan Bang, and Vice Ganda talked about Direk Bobet Vidanes leaving their noontime program. It’s Showtime is among the Kapamilya programs which stood still amid the … Read more

Direk Bobet Vidanes Leaving ‘It’s Showtime’, Hosts Had This ‘Patama’?

Vice Ganda, Its Showtime

Is this a patama for Direk Bobet Vidanes? It’s Showtime hosts had this conversation during a recent episode, is this their “patama” to their Direk Bobet Vidanes for leaving the Kapamilya noontime show? To recall, entertainment reporter/columnist Cristy Fermin first opened up about the “resignation” of Direk Bobet. She said that the noontime show director … Read more