Anne Curtis Reveals Moment She Begged Because Of Love

Anne Curtis

This is what Anne Curtis realized when she begged because of love. ANNE CURTIS – Without disclosing any details, Its Showtime host Anne Curtis shared that love has made her beg and here are her realizations. Love will make anyone do unimaginable things like begging. When we think of it, begging comes as something embarrassing … Read more

Jhong Hilario Speaks About Being Magpasikat 2022 Grand Champion

Jhong Hilario and Ryan Bang

Team Jhong Hilario and Ryan Bang win this year’s Magpasikat 2022. JHONG HILARIO – This is what Jhong Hilario said about winning Magpasikat 2022 and about being absent during the announcement. It’s Showtime’s 13th-anniversary celebration culminates. And for this year, the grand winner for Magpasikat is Team Jhong Hilario and Ryan Bang. This is the … Read more

Vhong Navarro Missed In “Its Showtime”, Vice Ganda Expresses Message

Vhong Navarro

Vice Ganda has this emotional message for Vhong Navarro amid his legal battle. VHONG NAVARRO – The 13th year anniversary celebration of Its Showtime has just .concluded and Vice Ganda has this message for Vhong Navarro. This Saturday, “It’s Showtime!” concluded with Jhong Hilario and Ryan Bang as the grand champion of this year’s Magpasikat. … Read more

Vice Ganda Airs Message For Direk Bobet, Billy & Other Former Hosts

Vice Ganda

On a rare chance, Vice Ganda sincerely expressed his message to these former Showtime people. VICE GANDA – During “It’s Showtime!” live, Vice Ganda becomes emotional as he let out sincere messages for these people including Direk Bobet Vidanes. When Direk Bobet Vidanes left “It’s Showtime!”, several controversies and speculations immediately surrounded it. He expressed … Read more

Ogie Alcasid and Karylle Magpasikat 2022 Performance

Ogie Alcasid and Karylle

It’s a live musical treat from Ogie Alcasid and Karylle for the Magpasikat 2022. OGIE ALCASID AND KARYLLE – Hosts Ogie Alcasid and Karylle gave us a live musical treat for this year’s Magpasikat. For this year, the teams for the Magpasikat are: View this post on Instagram A post shared by It's Showtime (@itsshowtimena) … Read more

Vice Ganda and Amy Perez Magpasikat 2022 Performance

Vice Ganda Magpasikat 2022

Many hearts were touched as Vice Ganda and Tyang Amy performed to give tribute to workers and PWDs. VICE GANDA – Madlang people were touched after watching the Magpasikat performance of Vice Ganda and Amy Perez. For this year, the teams for the Magpasikat are: View this post on Instagram A post shared by It's … Read more