Circus Tiger Escapes During Show, Dies After Capture

Circus tiger China 3

Circus Tiger That Escaped During Show, Dies After Being Captured By Cops CIRCUS TIGER – A circus tiger in escaped from its cage during the show and died after being captured and sent to the zoo. We can’t deny that we love watching animals up and we see most of them in the zoos or … Read more

Classes Of Animals – Learn About Vertebrates And Invertebrates

Here Is A List Of All The Animal Classes CLASSES OF ANIMALS – Animals are classified by scientists in categories to make it easier to study them, they’re classified according to their similarities. Animal groups, often posses the same capabilities and features, live in the same habitat or have the same body structures. They are … Read more

Can Animals Really Predict Impending Catastrophic Events?

Catastrophic Events

Do Animals Have The Ability To Predict Upcoming Catastrophic Events? Many people believed that appearance of unusual sea creatures indicates upcoming calamity, can animals really predict impending catastrophic events? The unusual behavior of animals was prior to a significant earthquake and ground movements. This reference originates from Greece during 373 B.C. Animals such as snake, … Read more

Can Animals Really Foretell Upcoming Earthquakes, Calamities?


Can Sea Animals Predicts Earthquakes? Do You Believe That They Can Foresee Upcoming Calamities A dead oarfish was found in Mindanao before an earthquake had struck Surigao Del Norte, can animals really foretell upcoming earthquakes? On Friday night (February 10, 2017), an earthquake struck Surigao Del Norte, which shaken social media users. Netizens linked the … Read more