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Retired Soldier

Heartbreaking Story Of Retired Soldier Left Homeless As Relatives Claim His Monthly Pension The heartbreaking story of a retired soldier left homeless as his relatives are claiming its monthly pension for their own good goes viral online. The soldiers are considered as the heroes of the modern generation for putting their lives at risk just [...]

OFW’s Daughter

OFW’s Daughter With Weird Name Spelling Graduated As Cumlaude An OFW’s daughter with weird name spelling graduated as ‘cumlaude’ despite all the hardships of growing up in a broken family. Djheanne Shyrb, a talented daughter of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) successfully graduated college as ‘cum laude’ even after her parents split. The young lady [...]

Illegal Stall

Policeman Charges Fine To Grandmother Over Illegal Stall & Did Something Unexpected A policeman charges fine to a grandmother for operating an illegal stall along the road and did something expected, which garnered various reactions online. Nowadays, the government is now strictly implementing the traffic rules and regulations, clearing the streets from illegal street vendors [...]


8 Signs & Warnings That Can Help You To Identify A Psychopath Here are 8 signs, symptoms, and warnings that can help you to identify that you’re with a psychopath or you are a psychopath. Psychopathy or also called as sociopathy is a personality disorder characterized by having an antisocial behavior, egotistical traits, impaired empathy, [...]

researchers reveal

Researchers reveal the maximum natural human life span. RESEARCHERS REVEAL – Have you ever thought of desiring to live a very long life to see what the world will be a hundred years from now? The generation of the millennials have always debated on the concept of ‘forever’ – a word denoting no end to [...]

Nowadays, there are a lot of broken relationship because of so many reasons, and sometimes this broken relationship has no chance of surviving, and this is really a sad truth. Entering a marriage life is a crucial stage in the life of both man and woman. One cannot succeed without the cooperation and support of [...]

Signs That Your Partner Is Sleeping With Someone Else In reality, most of us get bored, break trust, cheat on our partner and even break hearts. But it is really vital to maintaining a realistic balance and healthy relationship in your love life. LOYALTY and HONESTY. You should not doubt your partner in his/her every [...]

Second Toe Finger Secret Revealed Is your second toe finger longer than your other toe fingers? If it is, then it means you are a born leader. Thus, you are resourceful and dynamic, however, due to your own desire to make things done in your own way, sometimes you appear bossy. According to Indian folklore, [...]

Everyday there are hundreds if not thousands of Filipino bloggers who wanted to join the long list of wanna-be bloggers. Most of the bloggers look up to their fellow Pinoys who already made a name for themselves as bloggers. We listed below the Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the Philippines for January 2014. PhilNews.Ph [...]

PhilNews.Ph team would like to thanks our viewers and avid readers for giving us another achievement as we end the Year 2013, we are now part of the elite group of bloggers who got the highest Alexa Rankings in the Philippines. Related Article: January 2014 Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the Philippines Our team [...]