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Check out some animal facts below!

ANIMAL FACTS – Here are some of the most dangerous animals in the world that you probably don’t know yet and how harmful they are to human.

Animals are composed of different kinds, types, and classifications. There are those that can be seen at home, in captive, or just at the jungle because they too dangerous when in contact with the human. And now, we listed down some of the most dangerous animals for you to know and how harmful they could be.

See these dangerous animals below:

  • Deathstalker Scorpion – Three-quarters of deaths which is related to scorpion is caused by this type. The third of the most venomous scorpion has strong and potent venom that is resistant to treatment.
Photo lifted from Post Grad Problems
  • Saltwater Crocodile – They are the largest reptile, thus, considered as really dangerous having the strongest bite.
Animal Facts
Photo lifted from BBC Wildlife Magazine
  • African Elephant – They can be aggressive without any warning and it is their unpredictable attitude that makes them dangerous to human.
Animal Facts
Photo lifted from Brand South Africa
  • Hippopotamus – Hippos are large and aggressive even if not provoked.
Photo lifted from Gentside
  • African Lion – Of course, this carnivore is among the most dangerous due to their impressive speed to catch their prey and their bite.
Animal Facts
Photo lifted from National Geographic
  • Box Jellyfish – Considered as one of the most venomous specie in the entire world because of their sting that can cause paralysis that can lead to drowning or stop heart from beating.
Photo lifted from Box Jellyfish
  • Black Mamba Snake – Their bite can kill a person in less than 10 hours if not given medical attention immediately.
Animal Facts
Photo lifted from DinoAnimals
  • Mosquitoes – They might not be as big as the Hippos and strong bites like that of a croc but these tiny animals kill over a million of people each year due the diseases it spreads such as Malaria. And what’s most fearful about them is that they can be just anywhere and everywhere.
Animal Facts
Photo lifted from Science News


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