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Do Animals Have The Ability To Predict Upcoming Catastrophic Events?

Many people believed that appearance of unusual sea creatures indicates upcoming calamity, can animals really predict impending catastrophic events?

The unusual behavior of animals was prior to a significant earthquake and ground movements. This reference originates from Greece during 373 B.C. Animals such as snake, rats, centipedes, and weasels were vacating their homes heading to a safer place few days before a disastrous earthquake strikes.

There are several pieces of evidence showing that reptiles, animals, insects, fish, and birds were expressing strange behavior weeks or seconds before an earthquake struck their place. The unusual behavior of these creatures was usually followed by devastating calamities or disasters.

Catastrophic Events

Most scientists have observed that strange behavior of animals was a reliable evidence of seismic events, but there are some who were not still convinced and still needing a concrete evidence. Some scientists were trying to pursue this mystery in Japan and China.

Few numbers of people can notice the smaller P wave, which travels the fastest from the earthquake source and arrives first before the larger S wave. Animals were more sensitive compared to human because they were able to notice P wave before the S wave arrives.

Catastrophic Events

Previously, the appearance of oarfish in shallow waters was spotted in different areas of the Philippines, few days before series of earthquakes struck the country. Oarfish is a deep-sea creature, which is very sensitive to any ground movement under the sea.

Catastrophic Events

Many people also believed that oarfish was a prophet of doom and their appearance in shallow waters prior to earthquake and tsunami.

What can you say about the animal’s ability to detect impending calamities? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.

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