Pet Cat Infected w/ Coronavirus After Being Contaminated by Owner

Pet Cat Tested Positive for Coronavirus After Allegedly Infected by Its Owner

BELGIUM – The Belgian health authorities reported that a pet cat in Brussels, Belgium has been infected with coronavirus disease after contaminated by its owner.

The researchers at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Liege, Belgium discovered another case of human to animal virus transmission. The discovery came after two dogs in Hong Kong tested positive for the coronavirus disease.

The COVID-19 screening campaign tests 17 dogs and eight cats living with their owners infected by the coronavirus. Out of 17, only two dogs have tested positive for the virus.

Pet Cat

A government agency spokesperson on the pandemic Doctor Emmanuel Andre explained that the pet cat infected with COVID-19 is an isolated case that occurs after close contact between infected humans and animals.

“There is no reason to think that animals can be vectors of the epidemic in our society”, Andre said.

The Belgian food safety agency also showed the difference between the infected dogs in Hong Kong and the Belgium Cat. The dogs have no symptoms while the cat is showing transitory respiratory and digestive problems.

Pet Cat

The public authority also explained that there is no proof that animals can transmit the virus to humans. However, they have advised infected patients to avoid close contact with pets to prevent possible virus transmission.

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