Coronavirus Death Rises To 25, 830 People in China Currently Infected

At Least 25 Coronavirus Death Recorded, 830 People Now Infected

CORONAVIRUS DEATH – The rampant coronavirus left at least 25 people dead in China and 830 people infected.

Many people were alarmed upon hearing the news reports about the novel coronavirus which has affected China. This mysterious disease which was initially recorded in Wuhan City has the capacity to take away a life.

Previously, it was reported that a mysterious disease has affected the people in Wuhan. There were no similar reports in other countries during that time.

However, as days passed, there were confirmed coronavirus cases in other nations as well. One of them is Japan.

Coronavirus Death
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A week after there was a confirmed case in Japan, another man was found positive of the novel coronavirus. The said man came from Wuhan City. He already had fever even before he flew to Japan.

While other countries are securing the airports to prevent the spread of the disease, in China, the counting of coronavirus death rose to at least 25 already. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, currently, 830 people are infected of the said disease.

This rampant disease got flu-like symptoms which may include cough and fever. To prevent its spread, the transportation from Wuhan City has already been haulted.

It was suspected that the outbreak came from the market in the city. Also, there are suspicions that it came from a bat soup. It has yet to be confirmed if what is really the cause of this unexpected disease outbreak.

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